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I was at the Optoma booth and saw their new projector in their demo theatre playing some scenes of "Phantom Of The Opera". It looked really good and very bright. I spoke to one of their managers and he told me they were releasing it in May. It is the same projector as today except it is rated at 2500 ansi lumens. The screen was 13 1/2 ft wide with a 2.35 aspect ratio and it had an anamorphic lens with motorized mount that it will be packaged with to do CIH. I was told that it is the Panamorph lens. I was very impressed with the picture. The projector was placed 18.5 ft from the screen. It still has the problem of no optical lens shift which for me won't be a problem but might for many others. They realize that they need to add that feature to their next version but they don't have a date on when that will be released.

I was wondering if anyone else saw this and what they thought. I am building a theatre and will have a 12ft wide 2.35 screen and this is the first 1080p projector that I have seen that I feel is bright enough for that size screen that costs less than $12K with the anamoprhic lens and mount.

If you have a large screen and want to go constant height you should really check this out.

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