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New video card...What a difference!

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Ok, first, this is most certainly to be filed under "Well, duh! What did you expect!?" However, the overall impact was completely unexpected.

I recently updated from and integrated HD4250 to a discreet HD6570 and have been blown away. I'm running WMC7 with 2 HD-PVRs and while the 4250 was ok, the navigation lag in menus, particularly while video was playing, was more than slightly annoying. Slapping in that card has made a world of difference. Navigating menus while playing the h.264 live or recorded TV is so smooth and seamless. The PQ does not seem to be any different, but that's a good thing...the 4250 looked great.

Again, having been heavily involved in this hobby for longer than I care to think about, I really should not be surprised...but it's better than expected. The best spent 75 bucks in my entire rig (Phenom X4 955.)
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Congrats. I went though the same experience. I spent to much time on here complaining

about my media playback lacking in performance. I tried everything then someone asked if my GPU was integrated and told me there lied my problem. What a difference
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