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New Vizio VF550M--Settings ideas?

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Ok, i just pulled the rigger on this to replace my old Panny 50" plasma, and even out of the box, WOW!

Anyone have any ideas on what settings might be good?
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With my VF550XVT in a brightly lit family room. I have 9 different program modes available each of which can be set as the default mode for each of my differennt input souces which are:

The TVis internal analog tuner

The TV's internal digital tuner

A Motorola digital PVR STB from my cable company over HDMI

A DVD player which supports either progressive or interlaced output over component

MY laptop PC using a VGA(RGB) interface.

I have differnt settings for each of the PQ setting options for each the modes I use for these 4 sources since the PQ charasterics of each of them are different.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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