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I've just learned that within a few weeks Yamaha is replacing the discontinued RX-V995 receiver with a new model (RX-V1000) at the same MSRP of $1000. Does anyone know what new features this unit will have? Will it still be 100 watts/channel like the 995?


Carlton Barnes

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Got this feature comparison from a Yamaha dealer on the new RX-V1000 receiver that is due out in a few weeks, replacing the RX-V995. This is a transpose from an Excel spreadsheet, so hopefully all the tabs will work and it will be readable:

Features RX-V1000 RX-V995

-------- -------- -------

Power, 8 ohms, 20-20 100x5 100x5

Speaker outputs (inc. a/b) 7 7

Binding Posts All All

DD/DTS Yes Yes

DD Matrix 6.1/DTS ES Y Preout + No

Inputs 11 8
Digital 6 4

Coaxial 2 2

Optical 6 4

Front Panel Opt. Input yes no

Audio 11 (inc. tuner) 8 (inc. tuner)

Composite Video 6 5

S-Video 6 5

Component Video 2 none

Assignable Digital Outs 2 none

Digital Outputs 2 1

Analog Outputs 4 3

Composite Video (rec) 2 (2) 2 (2)

S Video (rec) 1 (2) 1 (2)

Component Video 1 none

Digital ToP-ART yes no

Processor Direct Switch yes no

Pre-outs all channels all channels

Pre-Main Coupler yes no

Int. pre-main coupler yes no

On-screen display composite & S Composite & S
Zone 2 IR Mech

Analog Shared w/ shared w/ rec. out rec. out

Video Composite Composite

Additional Remote Built in to N/A

main remote

RS232C Control yes no

D/A converters AKM X 2 (LCR) ???

Processor YSS-928, 32 bit YSS-918, 24 bit

96kHz/24 bit compatable Yes No

Volume Control Dig. Reg. Analog

VR CS3310x4

DSP Modes 41 25

Silent Cinema yes no

Virtual DSP yes no

5-channel stereo yes no
Remote same as RX-V1

LCD/Learning/Macro/Preset Y/Y/Y/Y N/Y/Y/N

Separate on/off codes yes yes

Extended I/R codes yes no

Home, main, volume banks yes to all no
Cosmetics NEW

Chassis Height 150mm 171mm

Oil-damped Panel Door yes no


Carlton Barnes
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