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i just obtained a used Yamaha HTR-5850 from a friend of mine. got it for free, so i can't complain!



however, i see the Yamaha RX-475 is going for pretty cheap right now, and I'd sure love to have that USB front connection for ipod. 


I listen to lots of music (vinyl, CDs, mp3s) with a 2.1 setup. "Pure Direct" option is important.  


any advantages, from a sound quality perspective, of going with the 475 over the 5850? The 5850 sounds pretty good to me, but i'm willing to go with the 475 in case it may sound any better. 


or, any stereo/AV amps you'd recommend in the under 500 price range that would be far superior to these? 


any feedback is appreciated. 



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