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new YouTube 3D formats

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I just noticed youtube has four new formats for displaying 3D VIDEOS.

They are only alpha versions but interesting nevertheless.

They are row interleaved and column interleaved. Two versions of each.

I tried all of them and the one that worked best on my Samsung UN40C7000 was column interleaved.

The 3D works perfectly while playing in a window if I put my glasses on upside down and doesn't work at all in full screen mode.

It's nice to see that they are developing new display methods.
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Row interleaved have been there for over a year now, only the column interleaved are new.

I noticed that some videos upscale in fullscreen properly but not all of them. It seems that videos with any advanced YT3D options fail (aspect ratio tags, eye swap, and custom XY picture coordinates tags).

It's good to see Youtube improving the feature, I hope they'll be able to fix full screen interleaved soon.
I'm waiting for the Playstation 3 YouTube 3D update they promised.
I'm not waiting at all, I'm watching it in 3D as I type this.

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Frank, have you got youtube 3D to work through the PS3?
Originally Posted by jayoldschool
Frank, have you got youtube 3D to work through the PS3?
Had no reason to try it.

The only thing I use my PS3 for is watching my home made 3D videos in slow motion.
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Well, I can report that youtube 3D does not work for me through the PS3.
Do not a lot of TV's have a side by side mode? And the ones that do, do they need to be sent through HDMI 1.4, or can it be even, theoretically, composite?
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