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Newb here looking for help

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Ok so were walking through sams today and my wife see's the new vizio sound bar under 200. She says look at that we should get that, I'm tires of the speakers in the living room. I said ok lets look into it. So i figured this would be a great place to start. Our set up now is a JVC RX-7020, 32"lg Sony dvd player n hd dvr directv. I run all hdmi into tv then out via optical to receiver. i also run some outside speakers off of the receiver. So my question is what sound bar would be a good fit. It's not our primary sorround sound room. We have a lil better set up downstairs. We do watch the majority of out tv on this though.

So was looking at the new vizio and the sony 150. Is there a better one that i am missing or is there a recommendation out there. Let me know not going to get approval for a major purchase but could swing up to 300 probably. Seen the sony for 230. So let me know. Long post for my first!!!!
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The Vizio and Sony are good units. My first choice would be the JVC TH-BA-1, the unit that I currently own. All of these can be found at Amazon or other on-line retailers for under $250.

As the pimary purose of a soundbar is to give you enhanced sound over your TV's built in speakers, any of the three above should more than meet that criteria. I have listened to the Vizio and Sony in other people's homes and the do a good job. Owned both last year's Vizio and last year's Sony. Still have the Vizo doing service in the master bedroom.

I think that I prefer the sound of this year's Vizio just slightly over the Sony 150, but since my listening was not done at the same time, same room or with the same material, my decision could easily reverse itself. The Sony has the option to have all of your devices connected via HDMI which offers the possibility of cleaner sound. In practice, I am not sure that that holds true, or if it does if it is discernable at this level.

The JVC has two optical ports which would allow you to connect both your DVD and HD-DVR directly to the soundbar. The JVC has the most detailed sound of the three units as well as the fastest bass. Since none of the so-called subs on these units actually goes into sub-woofer territory, the speed of he JVC's woofer makes a major difference when presented with low frequency transients. And most people will never miss the octave and one half of bass from the low end on any of these woofers.

The Sony and Vizio are 3.1 units that synthisize 5.1. The JVC is a 4.1 unit which plays L-R and LR-RR sounds discretely and synthisizes only the center channel. Probably why it has somewhat more detail than the others.
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Our current set up is running 5.1, it sounds good to us. My question is what is going to be better? I am wondering how many input selectors i will have to switch using each of these I think it's going to be between the Sony and the JVC now. Only because of the lack of connections on the vizio. I would like to have it as simple as possible but still get a decent sound. I have found all of them for a range of less than 250 to 175. So price isn't an option its more of a which is better. I am thinking the sony might be eaiser to hook up via hdmi. The jvc would require optical from both units to go to the speaker and HDMI to go to the tv. I can't remember if my dvd has an optical out or a digital coax???? Neither of these take that do they??
Well i went with the JVC 2 reasons persuaded me that way. 1 was the fact that the remote uses the speaker as the reception point. on the sony it is the sub tower. 2 was that my dvd player has a optical out. It will be an extra cord but its worth it.
Good selection. If I did not make it clear, there is no HDMI on the JVC. Two optical and one analog (RCA) only. My current configuration has optical from DVD and Comcast HD-DVR to the JVC. The analog comes out along the side of the cabinet with also HDMI and VGA connectors so we can use the TV and soundbar with our Netbook PC or HD-Camcorder. On the rare occassion when we do use the OTA tuner on the television, we just switch to the internal speakers. Which is probably dumb as I get my best picture for broadcast TV with my antenna then couple it to the extremely lousy internal speakers. However, the only time we switch to the antenna is for special football games, so we are talking about a relatively small increment of time.

Hope you enjoy the JVC.
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