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i am looking to upgrade my 10 year old yamaha system. so i am looking into in wall setups and like the idea of a enclosed in wall setup which i can do i come from a good experience in box building from car audio. i wont be doing a in wall sub but just the traditional type. coupla questions my living room is not a theater only room but also a tv watching, game playing room also. i have the mitsu 60735 for a tv. the tv is 12ft from the couch and the couch is on the back wall of the room, i know this is not ideal but has to be this way. i am thinking in wall for the front l/r and in ceiling fully aimable woofer and tweeter for the surrounds. not sure on the center as if i go wall mount it will be 6ft up but if i go ceiling with a aimable woofer tweeter i could possibly aim it? or i could just go with a traditional center and place it where the current one resides which is under the tv on lower shelf but this places it about 1.5 ft off the ground. also the current sub is next to the tv but o have an area behind and to the side of the sectional i could place it? what would be the ideal setup for me? i know its a dead horse but i really cant find any one path to follow. the room measures 14x18. i am looking at this setup or something close to this price range with a above average receiver.

i am no auidophile but am looking for something better than a in the box setup and like the idea of building my own system
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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