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well im new to this stuff. i purchased a mitsu 60735 2 weeks ago and am now looking to tweak the settings a bit. right now i have it set at natural, low color, contrast n all other settings are in the middle of the range. and the noise is set at low for now. i dont have the money now to buy the equipment or pay someone which i rather not do to do more extensive setup so i am gonna do it myself. can anybody give me a calibration for dummies link or some tips. i am running a hd sat box, and xbox 360. plan on getting a ps3 soon. the sat is going straight into the tv as my av reciever is to old for hd setup and will be eventually erased. i did a few searches on here but all the info is over whelming. i understand that there is a service menu you can enter to do more in depth setup? the room is avg to low in light so if that helps i dunno? thanks for any pos. comments or help ahead of time. n i am really enjoying this site as it is full of info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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