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NEWB: Need Help With Overhaul of My Full System (55” XBR900E)

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Need help with my full system, back in November 2017 picked up a 55” Sony Bravia XBR900E for $900 out the door. Checked out reviews on CNET/Rtings.com and AVS Forum.

At that time picked up a set of EtherReal HDMI HDCP 2.2 cables that were certified by DPL and QR. They are good for speeds up to 18 GBPS as well.

My system:

- Sony XBR900E.
- Amazon Fire TV Gen 2 (use it for 4K Netflix and Amazon Prime Video), Deep Search HD and Kodi IPTV service, using HDMI HDCP 2.2 18 gbps cable.
- Regular Blu Ray Player, using HDMI HDCP 2.2 18 gbps.
- AC1750 Netgear modem/router combo with CAT 5E hardwire to Blu Ray, Amazon Fire TV and Sony TV. Internet is 200 mbps hardwire and about 80-100 WiFi.

A few questions:

Calibration of TV - I’ve talked with a local DTX expert who is ISF certified and they won’t come out to do any work but rather make a disc for me to use at home. I would need to purchase a 4K Blu Ray player first they said so what do you all suggest?

HDMI Cables - I’ve heard the new wave is upgrade to 24 GBPS? Any truth to this?

Sound Bar Systems - Was looking at the Klipsch 48 Sound bar with speakers, Sony HT9ZF with rears or the Samsung N950. Any recommendations?

Upgrade Ethernet cables? Good idea and what would you suggest.

TV stand to hold a 55” with a potential 48in sound bar.


BR Player - Under $300 to $400

HDMI Cables (Prefer 6.5 feet) - Under $30 each

Ethernet Cables (Prefer 6.5 feet) - Under $30 each

Sound Bar (Prefer 5.1 at minimum and wireless as the wife and I live in an apartment). We would like to be able to grow into the system and use it for our home family room some day. Would like to stay under $1,000.00

TV Stand - Under $500

Give me everything you guys got!
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when I upgraded to 1 gb ethernet I replaced my 5 cables to 6. was just from modem to router and router to main pc. it increased bandwidth to my surprise...by about 200mbs.

calibration of tv is done in my case by an old disney blu ray and also a very old ...shoot forget name...video essentials or something....my eyes know what to tweak nowadays but wouldnt be scared of some new blue ray calibration disc.

cables that are responsible for bandwidth need to be tested if they are giving you the results...thats mainly cause all crap on amazon comes from china and isnt held to any spec legally.

Hmm. Well, I personally wouldn't worry about calibration. It's for the very most discerning, and if you don't think you're "that guy" then it isn't really necessary. I guess it's nice for when money is no object. Fortunately, Sony TV's are some of the most accurate out of the box, so calibration is less necessary. I suggest reading up on the proper settings for the X900E though so that you can get close to that "calibrated" look. I definitely wouldn't bother with a DIY disc. Either pay someone hundreds of bucks to come calibrate your TV with special tools and know-how, in your own room where the TV will be, or read about the settings and just set the TV up the way Sony intends, or you prefer, and be happy with it. My real opinion is that I would upgrade to a newer TV before calibrating.. no need to calibrate a TV that's already "dated" as far as features go (technically).

Cables - 18 gbps is enough for most stuff. I wouldn't worry about cables until you know you're missing out. Pretty sure you'd only need new cables if you were gaming on a PC that could deliver 4K at 120fps with a high amount of color sampling. If you want to get some anyway so you can sleep better, just go to Amazon and buy their brand, or get Monoprice or Mediabridge. I like Mediabridge, personally, available at Amazon. If you want to be *sure*, buy cables that come with the official "Premium High-Speed Certified HDMI" sticker on them.

Cat 5e is fine. You'll see no difference with Cat 6.. I wouldn't bother for years. Cat 5 would be different, but Cat 5e is already gigabit capable.

TV Stand.. there are so many options.. time for some furniture shopping lol. Everyone's needs and preferences are different..

I suggest checking out the Soundbar sub-forum. Lots of good options out there these days. All of the ones you mentioned are good. I also suggest looking into the high-end LG models, and I personally like the outgoing Samsung Sound+ line.

I suggest a Sony UHD Blu-ray player. They play better with Sony sets for DV. That said, I'm not sure if the X900E has DV or not.. I don't think it does. Either way, I like the Sony X800 M2. The X700 might be better for you though if DV isn't on the table. You'd have to check with the Blu-ray player sub-forum, I can't remember all of the differences off the top of my head. The X700 is a great player though and is very reasonably priced.
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Mostly @p3trol_h3ad said:
- Calibaration for you 900e would mostly be a waste if money and time. Use Cinema Pro, turn down the brightness and you will be 95% to a calibration
- You won't see any advantage from replacing your HDMI cables as 18Gbps is all your TVs HDMI ports support
- Cat5e is fine for your ethernet, even if you would see a slight advantage on your LAN with Cat6 (doubtful) it won't make your Internet connection any faster
- TV stand is purely personal taste
- I had a Sony HNNT-5 with wireless rear speakers and liked it, I'd suggest the Sony HT9ZF with rears but really any soundbar would be light years better than your TV speakers
- Your TV isn't DV capable so that isn't a concern for the 4K player, I'd suggest the Sony x800m1 (not DV capable) or X800m2 if you are worried about future compatibility. But highly recommend watching some 4K bluray disks to see what the TV is really capable of.
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