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Newb question on xbox HD

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What do I need to buy to hook my xbox up through the component input on my RP LCD?

The store I went to tried to sell me 2 separate monster cables for $150.00 (one for video & one for audio). The clerk told me the MS "high def AV pack" would only give me video & I'd need to add audio as well.

There must be a better way - I only paid $197.00 for the console.

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You need the pack, a set of component video cables and a set of RCA (for stereo sound) or optical for surround sound.

I use Acoustic Research and it seems to work well.
Hahahaha. You were totally being ripped off on that pricing.

There's two basic options.

1. Buy the MS HD pack, and then go buy any component video cable set and optical digital audio cable.

2. Buy the Monster component video cable for X-Box and Monster digital audio cable for X-Box (there's nothing special about the audio cable, but it comes with the adapter you have to have to use a digital audio cable with the monster component video cable set).

The MS HD pack is $20, but then you still have to get cables. The Monster stuff is sticker $35 for the audio cable and $60 for the video cable. The video cable has the jacks for analog L+R audio, if you're not using a Dolby Digital receiver as well. I got my Monster Gamelink 400 X-Box cable set new for $40 at the GameStop store. Just happened to see it when getting something else.

Personally, just go buy the MS kit and use whatever cables you want. These days, I only need a 2' cable, but I've stuck rolling up these 10' Monster cables.
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So the MS HD adapter is just a break-out box, correct? It just gives you the component adapters so you can connect your own cables?

Can someone list exactly what is on this breakout box? I know there's the three component connections....what else?

The OLD MS HD pack had a breakout box but they have been sold out at the stores for months now. The NEW official MS HD pack is the at the same quality according to other users here as the Monster HD pack. Bottom line here is what you need:

1. $20 MS HD pack (comes with built in, set length cables for component and analog audio, and built in toslink port)

2. optional but highly recommended - toslink optical cable to connect your HD pack/xbox to your surround sound receiver.

3. Hook up everything to your TV and receiver, fire up the xbox, and enable all the resolutions your set can handle.

Don't listen to what that sales clerk told you. He gave you lots of bad info.
Now I'm confused....

The "new" HD pack comes with the component cables but costs the same as the old pack??

All I see anywhere is this one: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/hardware/h...tionavpack.htm

Do you have a URL for the new one?
Originally posted by jdmclemore
Found the answer to my own question!

Here's the manual for the HD AV pack:
That's the OLD HD pack. The new pack does not include a breakout box anymore.
The new pack which has been out for a few months or so now has not been posted on MS website. If you go to any local B&M store and ask for the hd av pack, the new version is what you will get. Many of the online pics to the hd packs still show the breakout box version but they end up sending you the new non-breakout version instead.

Here was one of the original threads on xbox-scene when it first started to surface: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.p...292319&hl=pack There were some pics posted but I think the links are dead now.
The old Xbox HD pack with the breakout box did come with cables.
Thanks for the info (especially thanks to 4dr).
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