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Decided it was finally time to get some speakers to enhance my way of life. I listen to lots of music (rock/metal/electronica/rap/anything really) and game. I'd say 40% music 40% game 20% movies/tv

Picked up a pair of image t6s. First experience with quality speakers but while i got a good deal its still a lot for me to drop at one time. I'm now trying to pick out a good receiver (or amp as someone recommended) that will power those bastards. I'm planning on running just the 2 speaker setup for a while and I really only want my PS3 and maybe 1-2 aux hookups (mp3 players/headless earphones).

I'd like to spend anywhere from $350 to $500. the less the better but i dont want to sacrifice too much. I realize that its better to put the money in but I just can't quite afford it so soon after the speakers. I'd rather build later once I get accustomed to everything.

Any recommendations?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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