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Newbee needs shopping advice!!!

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For Home Theatre: Panasonic PTLC50U or InFocus LP280???

I plan to use it with a Pioneer DV-414, but according to what I read here I should get a prg scan dvd player, such us Sony DVP NS700. Is this right? May I have some opinions? Thank you guys.

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Panasonic specs: http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1099 . At least this unit is 480p, 720p, and 1080i compatible for progressive DVD and HDTV.

Infocus specs: http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1321 . Its review: http://www.projectorcentral.com/cons...=infocus_lp280 . Note that this unit does not do 480p (STB progressive DVD player via component), or 720p/1080i (HDTV via component or VGA input). Thus you're stuck with interlaced STB DVD player via Svideo or HTPC via VGA.

I noticed you're sticking with SVGA (800X600) LCD's. Why are you limited to these choices? Are these the ones you've seen in a showroom or available locally? Are you bothered by rainbow artifacts? Are you in a sub2K budget limit? If you'd broaden your horizon, budget a little bit, and are insensitive to rainbows, you may prefer DLP's better. LCD has better colors but worse contrast (less black blacks). LCD can also have dead pixels and may be bright green when stuck on. This can be very distracting. I got rid of my Sony VPL-CX1 due to dead pixels after only 30 days (took 1 month for Sony to fix--after they did, I sold it).

LT150 is an XGA (1024X768) DLP with 800:1 contrast (compared to 300:1 and 400:1 of your LCD's), 800 lumens, no zoom (requires more precise placement), 1000 hr bulb ($300 each, so more expensive than LCD's), noisier in ceiling mode (in table mode it's about the same as yours) so may need hushbox, less screendoor (SVGA LCD is pretty bad for pixelization at 12 feet from screen compared to XGA DLP), small chance of rainbows (streaks of light on high motion, high contrast scenes--can drive 10% of people crazy and cause eye fatigue and headaches). The price is $2300 USD shipped. So check out DLP before deciding on LCD's. There is a small chance of dead pixel in DLP but very rare when it does happen it'll be an automatic replacement or repair. NEC also has an excellent world-wide warranty that's called Instacare (36 hrs. turnaround with loaner or replacement). I doubt that Panasonic or Infocus will beat that.

Read the SVGA vs. XGA article at http://www.projectorcentral.com/cons...fm?ci=svga_xga and DLP vs. LCD at http://www.projectorcentral.com/cons...cfm?ci=lcd_dlp to help you decide. This site also has a lot of reviews by professionals and end users and also some prices. You should use price searching engine like this to find decent pricing: http://shopper.cnet.com/shopping/res...441.sort.price
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Thank you Huey. I have to pay 50% more for taxes in all electronics here in Argentina, that's why the budget is so tight. Can you recommend a website for used LT150?
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