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I'd like to solicit some feedback on my current upgrade process to separate amplification in my home theater setup. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, here are the components to this system.

Sony STR DA-777ES Receiver

Center - Paradigm CC350

Rears - Paradigm Mini Monitors

Fronts - Paradigm P90's Ver. 2

An Aragon 8002 will be delivered this week.

Sony 36XBR400

Room size is 16 X 20 and is also a living room space too.

My initial thought process was just connect the fronts to the 8002 when it arrives, use the Sony's pre-outs and then of course let the 777ES drive the center and rears. However, I have the desire to change this system around completely and am considering buying another amp too.

Do you think that it is worthwhile to purchase an Aragon 8008 X 3B for the current system that I have in place with the 8002 that is on the way? I would use the 8008/3B for fronts and center of course and the 8002 for the rears. My other thought process is to purchase a Monarchy SM-70/SM70 Pro just for the center channel and let the Sony power the rears.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Paradigm P90P's, but they have 3 self amplified 8" woofers so, in essence, I am driving the midrange and the tweeter only on the front speakers.

My thought process is that after much research, these Aragon amps get great reviews and are highly recommended if the price is right. If I can get the 8008/3B either used or at auction somewhere on the net at a good discount off of retail price, they are worth while investments for future use. I hope to upgrade the speaker system in the next few years. One step at a time of course.

I also have an option of bringing two Paradigm Studio 20's into the room only if necessary with a Parasound amp. I currently have these speakers connected to my computer/ 2.1 system driven by a Parasound 855A with a

Paradigm PDR-10 sub. However, space is limited in the 16 X 20 living room, so the mini-monitors for rears and the 90P's fit in there quite nicely. No sub woofer is needed with the 90P's. Wife factor comes into play.

Any thoughts on my upgrade process would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit new to the world of separates and any expertise and advice is appreciated in advance.
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