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Newbie buying first TV in 19 years!!

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Hello everyone, it’s my first post here. Like the title says I am ready to buy a new TV after 19 years. Yes not a typo. 1 9 years! My current 61” Hitachi rear projection will not die! When we purchased this TV it was at the time a very very good TV.
So about my TV habits, there’s no gaming, some streaming, mostly watch TV at night except for Sunday morning football. I am streaming more and more lately due to some good shows out exclusively on Netflix.
I am looking for a TV that has great picture and minimal pixelating. Bigger screen than we have now (61”) so that would be 65” and bigger. And a budget of around 3K. But that’s flexible as the wife seems to be willing to pay for quality as I am.
I have a couple of TVs in mind but I will hold off to see if you, the knowledgeable ones, come up with the same TV or something else that provides more bang for the buck. Let me know what you guys think. I appreciate all responses and suggestions.


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Welcome to AVSForum! You'll get more enjoyment out of the site if you take time to look around. We've put posts at the top of many sections that say "Read Before Posting." It's a really good idea to do that... you know, BEFORE posting.

You'd be better served in the Display area appropriate for the technology you're interested in. I'd recommend posting in the "Help Me Choose" thread in the LCD area for starters, though with some light reading through other posts in that section, you may find your answer without having to post, at all.

I think you'll find, with Smart TVs, pixellation and other picture issues are the result of external issues, not the sets themselves. Internet speed, antennas, MPVDs and so forth.

Any further questions or if I can help in any other way, PM me.

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