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We just recently purchased a Panasonic 54V10, but have not yet taken delivery. We are upgrading from a 25" CRT, and basically need to upgrade everything, including the stand to put this thing on. Here is the setup we think we are going with:

BDI Avion 8529 stand

Playstation 3 as a blu-ray player

Fios w/Home Media DVR or Tivo HD


Sirius satellite receiver

My wife wants a universal remote that will control all of this stuff, but I don't really understand the choices. We purchased the TV at a local home theater store (Myer Emco). Very impressed with the service, but the salesperson is suggesting the URC-450 remote. As I read on the forum, people also seem to talk about the Logitech remotes.

What is the importance of IR vs RF or both? Is the URC-450 a good choice? Can it control the PS3? If not, is there a way to get an adapter for the PS3 that will work with this remote? I keep reading about remotes that need a pc versus those that do not. Is the URC a remote that will be easy for us to learn how to program or will we need to pay someone to re-program it each time we need a change (this whole new setup is a pretty large purchase for us)?

Finally, the salesperson mentioned something about a wired adapter that places a sensor over the IR signal on each component - he said this allows RF to be used, which is quicker response. Can someone explain this to me?

Sorry for all the questions, but I could really use some advice.



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RF is important if you plan on having your equipment hidden, say behind cabinet doors or a closet. It allows you to control your components without having to point it at the equipment.

MX 450 = RF compatible with the MRF 260 or 350 base station. You can create

and edit the macros on the screen of the remote. This remote is not

pc programmable. all of it is done through the remote. It seems to be

a great remote. This remote is in the Professional line of URC products

. It is for custom installers to program and get the most out of it.

Now that is not to say you can't do the programming yourself, but

it is easy if you are willing to learn it. Now the R50 is similar to the

450 and is a consumer end product. URC will provide full tech. support

to you with any assistance you need in programming the remote.

The big difference between these 2 models is the tech support and

you cannot edit macros for the R50. Now just to point out, Macros

are buttons press that are automated from the remote through the press

of 1 button. So lets say you press watch tv. Than if you set up the

macro, it will turn on the tv, radio, set the inputs, etc...

Now the other suggestion is the Harmony line which also have good remotes.

I would recommend the Harmony One due to the way it feels in the hands.

It has a touch screen. It is pc programmable. It has an excellent database

for the components. It wll also guide you in setting it up and tech support

for the first 60 days. This remote is also activity based(macros) and will

automate the system for you once its programmed. IF RF is a concern for

you, the 1100, 890 model are rf compatible. You could also go for the 670

which also has a nice feel to it and will do the same.

Both are great but from what i am reading, i would suggest the Harmony One,

R50(due to tech support in setting it up), than the MX450 if you are patient

in learning how to set it up. Once setup, it will be an excellent remote also.

The PS3 can be controlled with IR2BT converters for the URC remotes and for the Harmony Line

you can purchase their PS3 adaptor.
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