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Simple question: I've got an HTPC running through a Sony DA3200ES and wondering how I can improve the sound quality of my system. I'm new to this whole idea of "digital room correction" and trying to understand more.

My receiver has an audio calibration function which uses a microphone and supposedly "optimizes" the speaker settings to match the listening position. However, I'm a little skeptical to what it is actually doing in that automatic mode.

I've read a little bit about various HTPC software programs like Room EQ Wizard, convolver, etc. but not sure how their adjustments might compare to what my Sony is already doing. The Sony appears to have various modes for Flat Response, Engineer Response, etc. that it can calibrate to, but I'm not sure exactly what each of those is doing or how sophisticated they are relative to other things.

In terms of speakers, I'm using a 5.1 setup with all in-wall Polk RC65i's and a Polk PSW12 sub.

Thanks for any guidance.

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