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Hello all. I have been updating my HT / AV knowledge recently. I am looking to replace my current sub with something more powerful, and am looking for something in the sub $1000 range. I have been looking at new, but have also noticed a couple used items in my area, noone of which I can audition together.

I have a basement room 18 foot x 12 foot, with a 6 foot opening at the far corner for an adjoining room (almost L-shaped), so not a large room (1500 cubic feet). I currently have a set of Klipsch floor standing speakers with Klipsch surrounds and a KSW10 for a sub. I would like to upgrade from the KSW10, and was hoping to get something noticable. In this room it is about 95% HT and 5% music.

I found a used Carver Sunfire True TS-EQ10 in my area, but for the same price I can pick up an SVS PC12-NSD. I might upgrade to a second identical sub later on (as adding the KSW10 to a new sub does not seem wise).

1. Any other recommendations or opinion between the two? As you can see with the Klipsch, I like a crisp, punchy setup.

2. Will I notice a big step up from the Klipsch KSW10? I notied that it bottoms out during heavy bass scense (like LOTR).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It looks like the HSU VTF-15H is in this price range, and seems more comparable to the big brother PC12-Ultra, rather than the PC12-NSD. The comparison is coming out soon, hopefully.
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