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Newbie Help PLEASE..

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I know some of you hate these kinds of questions but bare with me.

I purchased a Dell 8400 tower for work. I upgraded Ram to 1.5 gigs and bought new ATI X800 xl graphics card (which says is HDTV support but no tuner) .

I don't need this PC for work anymore (will be using Mac for work).

I am not very PC savy. I was thinking I could use this Dell to add to my Home theater.

My home theater components include Infocus X1 projector, Pioneer 45TX receiver, Panny C72 DVD player, ScienticAtlantic HD cable box.

HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS (This boards knowledge base is what i need right now.)

1. What else do I need to make this PC compatible with my Home theater? (Software/Hardware/Soundcard, etc?)

2. Since this graphics card I have doesn't have a TV tuner, should I replace it with an All-in-Wonder type card or get a dedicated tuner/capture card for TV programs?

3. One of problems I have with this Dell is the NOISE!. I believe it's the fan that runs like a blowdryer at times. Can these be replaced and any suggestions?

THANKS for ANY input!!!!!!!
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yeah keep the x800 xl thats a great card

that will give component output to your projector

a pvr 150 is good for standard definition TV

and the Fusion Gold III is great for HDTV in MCE 2005 and the MYHD 130 or AccessDTV are great if not planning to use MCE

the ALL in wonder is a horrible option just so you know

the HDTV cards are for OTA HDTV and unencrypted cable HDTV (except the AccessDTV which is Over the Air only)

and buy quiet fans

here are some basic links that may help get you started
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First off welcome to the what is soon going to be a huge addcition :)

Second what you are going to want to do just as kny3twalker pointed out is get the ATI DVI to component dongle, this will allow you to hook up your Computer to your X1 projector.

What I then recomend is reading up or searching this forum on all possible resolutions of the X1, what you want to do is setup the computer to display the native resolution of that project (which I think might be 800 x 600 which is not a wide screen rez)

Then once you've got that set to the correct native rez you will then spend time getting the PC hooked up to your reciver, if you already dont have spdif ouputs on that computer and if your reciver supports toslink(optical) spdif then a Chaintech 710 sound card will be a nice addition to the setup.

so now that we've got Video and Aduio setup, next is software.

Currently the cream of the crop in terms of PQ (thats in MHO) is getting TT2.1 which comes with the latest Nvidia codecs and then added in FFDshow for some major eye candy :)

read up here on how to setup FFDshow with Theatertek:

once you've mastered those three things your on your way to a world of addiction, enjoyment, and a reason to get away from the signifcant other :)

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THANKS umdivw and kny3twalker for taking the time to explain and give me some direction.. now I can get started...
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