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Newbie Help

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As i'm sure you have all read numerous times before, I don't know much about home audio, and I would appreciate being able to bounce some ideas of some poeple in the know.

I recently moved into a house that has home audio throughout. There are 2 speakers (1 pair) in the study, 2 in the dining room, 2 in the master bed, 1 in kitchen 1 in the breakfast room, and 2 outdoor. The pre-wiring has already been done and there is a volume control switch in EACH of these 5 rooms for the pair of speakers. I also see where the previous equipment was used, but currently its nothing more than a rats nest of wires (although they are labeled for the appropriate location).

So this is what I'm thinking, and want some opinions from the others

1) I could get a 2 channel receiver, and a niles (or equivalent speaker switch)

a)would there be enough power to drive the speakers If I have 10 speakers coming from niles into a 100w receiver?

b)If i go this route do I need an amplifier?

c)how would I wire it? Wiring out from receiver, then to amp, then to switch and speakers? I would plan on having all speakers linked and just control the volume from each individual switch in the rooms.

2)would it make more sense to go with a 5 channel and put 2 speakers in each of the jacks getting 100w apiece? Is there anything else to consider going this route that I may be overlooking? Would I need a speaker switch in this setup?

3)Will the wall controls in each room work with either or both systems?

4)Any equipment recommendations? I initially dont want to spend more 500, but 300 would be preferred if that is even possible. But down the road, I can see myself putting 2k into this system, if I use it as much as I think I will.

Futher complicating this is that I don't know what ohm the speakers are. How important is that? and Is there any way to find out. I don't see any markings on the speakers, and only a cursive "R" on the individual room volume controls.

The previous owner was clueless and wasn't able to be of much help at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading.
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