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Hello...I am finishing a bonus room area that is approx. 400 sq. ft that will be used as a T.V. room. I have allowed provisions(cable and electricity) to mount a flat panel for optimal viewing. As I begin research, I only become more and more confused.

What I have decided on so far.....

HDTV w/ built in tuner

LCD display (room is only 13' wide)

40"-50" display

1080 or greater

Cable Card slot-components will be inside a closet behind the mounted display

I have attached a diagram of my room, the viewing area is in white and the mount will be the yellow. My intention is to have all components inside the closet with either a infra-red eye and universal remote or a RF universal remote in the future. Seating will be approx. 15' from the unit. I have a inexpensive Philip's surround sound that will go with this unit.

Along with everyone else, I just want to buy the most screen I can for the $$ with the best picture quality. When is the best time to buy?(Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, when new models come out?) What things do I need to consider when buying this unit?


sample.doc 47k . file


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