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Hey everyone. I'm pretty much new to the HT area, and have been saving

up for a long time to be able to afford a nice home theater of my own.

My budget is $5000.

As far as a TV goes, I plan on waiting for a good 42'' - 46'' LCD w/

HDMI 1.3, 120hz refresh rate, and xvColor support. It's in the area of

speakers/subs/recievers that I'm kinda confused and need guidance.

I'm looking to spend about $1200 max on a HT system. Namely from Axiom,

Aperion, or Definitive. (Leaning toward the ProCinema 1000) But I'm


1) Is it better to invest in a 5.1 or a 7.1 system? I know the standard

is 5.1, but will more and more movies start supporting 7.1 in the

future enough to warrant the extra money towards more speakers?

2) Is a good receiver all I need for the speakers? Like from Denon or

Pioneer Elite? I remember being told I'd need more than that.

3) Can you guys recommend any other good systems/recievers that would

compliment my budget?

Thanks for any help given...I appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forums.

In that price range I'd say a Pioneer receiver would be what you'll need. Also, I'd stick with a 5.1 system so you can get a bit better quality for your budget. You can always add later. You might want to consider Ascend Acoustics also.

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