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Hello all, I am new at all of this so please forgive my ignorance. :(

I have been looking for some time at building a HTPC, but up until now I have not found such a wealth of info, so I am hoping you can all help me.

For my new system I have a few necessities.

I do not have a top of the line TV/Projector system, I have a 32†Philips TV with an S-Video input, this system is fairly old so I was wondering what video hardware is going to give me the best quality on this set?

I would like to record TV to the system, so I expect a fairly large HD would be needed, something along the lines of 120GB,

What sort of hardware and software would also be good for this PVR recording?

I will also want to do the usual of watching DVD’s, listening to Internet radio and music cd’s etc and also listening to FM radio, but the FM radio is not as such a necessity more of optional extra.

Also, when it comes to sound, what sort of sound card can I use to output everything threw my current speakers?

I have been looking at the Shuttle range of pc system for my base, but I think these may be a little bit too small as they only have one PCI slot and I expect my final system will have more hardware than this.

Any general advice / links I should look at or any other general info you think would help me.

I am sorry if this has been posted before.

Once again thanks for your help in anticipation

All the best
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