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I'm been reading the Plasma/LCD, CRT and RP forums and can't quite decide. Here's my situation:

1. Budget is $3000

2. Viewing distance in living room is 6-8 feet from sofa

3. Some sunlight during the day from patio door (have curtains too)

4. Main use of TV: primetime programs airing on NBC, WB, ABC & CBS

5. Will not have cable since I'm mostly a Broadcast channel viewer, will just use rooftop antenna from townhouse condo complex

6. Heard I'll need an indoor terrestial antenna to pick up HD signal. True?

7. Will entertain friends with DVD movies on weekends (prefer 16:9)

8. Will have Tivo, DVD player and regular sterero VCR hooked up

9. Will eventually get nice speakers to go with TV

10. Will buy Sony preferably

11. Wasn't impressed with friend's Sony 42" Plasma when viewing non-HD programs during the day of broadcast channels. But The Lion King and Finding Nemo on DVD were awesome and so pretty.

12. Is 42" too big for room? Is 32" too small?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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