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Hello all!

I've read numerous posts on this site. I've also looked at other sites and have skimmed through a couple of books from the library. However, I am definitely a first timer who needs help getting started. I am looking to set up my home theater system from the ground up. I am in the process of renovating my home and would like to install a respectable theater set up, but nothing too fancy as it's my first time ever doing this! At this point, my home is down to the studs; all wall are exposed! I am attaching a sketch of the entire floor that the set up will cover. The house is built on an open-space concept. I have 9' high ceilings. The main area of the theater set up will be my living room, which is roughly 17' x 19'....but, again, it's an open to the rest of the house, so there isn't a wall that separates the living room from the adjacent kitchen. I'm interested in having most of my speakers either in the ceiling or in the walls. I was hoping that I could have some speakers throughout the floor so that I could play music when we host parties. My bedrooms are all on the second floor, so this set up will not directly affect the rooms (and I'm not really worried about noise flow!) The speaker-throughout-the-floor issue is just a thought, it's not necessary if it's too complicated. But I do need help getting started! The only wiring in existence is CAT5 and RG6; it runs from my basement to all rooms in the house, including the media cabinet shown in my diagram. The basement will have a panel to house all CAT5 and RG6 connections. I plan on running speaker wire in ceiling and walls....from the location of speakers to the media cabinet. I have not made final decisions on equipment yet, but I'd like to get all of the wiring done. What's my next step?

All comments/help is welcome and greatly appreciated! Please keep in mind that this is my firt time ever setting up a theater system. All experience that I have comes from setting up a few out of the box systems, which is not rocket science (but even that took me a while to get done!)

Please review my rough draft sketch and let me know what you think.



HT rough draft.pdf 66.697265625k . file


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