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Newbie-NEC LT 85 or VT540..... or...

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Please help. I'm looking to get a projector for DVD and some satellite TV viewing. I plan on using a 27 or 32" direct view for general stuff. I borrowed an Epson 710c(LCD) the other night from work and thought it was awesome, 8 ft. wide video! (running straight S-video input and on a light yellow wall. Did notice a little screen door at times and some squiggles? on Gladiators chain armor and small intricate stuff). I have never seen a DLP or good scalar(ugh,$$$, do I even need on NEC stuff?)

I'm looking at $3000-3500 MAX with scalar if needed, less if possible and a 1-2 year warranty, refurb is OK. I just want a nice picture to watch and show people also. I may trade up in 1-2 years if HDTV gets their act together. I'm getting quite wary of the Infocus 340 due to the bulb concerns.

First I was sure the choice was the 540. Then maybe the 85. Now up pops those cheap Sharp M10S's and now I see a Sanyo PLC-SW10. Whew!

Back to the point, who has compared both the LT85 and the VT540(and to the cheapies)? Thoughts? I have read the LT 150 posts.

I will can throw at 10-15 feet (and watch at 13-14 feet, sometimes 8 feet on other couch) and liked the 8 ft wide picture I projected the other night(I will splurge and get a white dropcloth, http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif ).

Any input is greatly appreciated!!! I have read about all post I can find on these 5 projectors on here and projector central.
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I haven't seen either the Lt85 or VT540, but I have seen their more expensive siblings. IMO I would use a progressive scan DVD player with either since I didn't find the processing on the LT150 or LT155 to be better than average, which isn't saying much. Once you bypass the onboard processing then both projectors improved a great deal with the LT150 simply overwhelming the LT155 (I think the high contrast had something to do with it). If you're not sensitive to the rainbow artifact then I would try the LT85 and make sure you can return it if not satisfied. The DLP IMO provides a much smoother picture than LCD does. The vivacious colours of the LT150 were a pleasure to view. I suspect the LT85 is very similar to the LT150, and if so, it is definitely worth a look! Again, you must click off the "white segment" found in the advanced menu (I think, but this is not XGA, so who knows?).

I really want to get my hands on the LT85 to see what it can do. I may have to buy one to see (but I don't want to spend the money on this when I already have two projectors).


Grant Smyth
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one mo time ^

SVGA DLP(LT85) vs. XGA CRT (VT540), pro's and con's? Thanks!
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