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I'm looking to buy my first Big Screen. I have went to my local area stores: Good Guys, Best Buy and Circuit City. I don't particlary trust salesmen, since each store told me that one of there brand or models was the best. I'm looking to buy max price is $2800, plus the obvious tax and warranty (should I get this ??). I'm looking for widescreen, I have a surround system already, and I have both digitial cable, and Directv.

Here are the models that I have seen and looked at

Toshiba 57HDX82 57 in

Sony KP57WV600 57 in

Sony KP65WS500 65in

RCA Scenium D61w130 61in

Philips 60 PP9532 60 in

Hitachi 57F500 57in

Hitachi 61UWX10B 61 in

These are the model numbers for the stores I have looked at. The sie between 57-65 really doesn't matter, I just want a tv that has a great picture. If you can help me in any way to make a better decision, please help.. Or if you know another brand or model that I should look for please let me know. My email is [email protected] , please feel free to email with help, thanks alot
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