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I was originally just looking for a high end analog set

to upgrade to when I thought I found a great deal.

I came across a 4:3 Loewe Calida "demo"

that I was eventually able to work down to $1400 with tax.

Since new Calidas go for $2400 typically, I was quite

excitedby this unexpected find. Aside from what little I could findout about it on the Net, (I hadn't found AVSforum yet) it wasa mere 30.5" wide which was one of the few TVs thatwould fit my solid oak entertainment center for which we'renot quite ready to part with yet.

It wasn't long after I brought it home that I discovered

that while the set was brand new with only a few hours on it,(yes, they have a built in elapsed time meters in them) it was a 3 yr. old 1st generation CAL232 set capable of only

480p. I was very disappointed since I though I was buying the current model (CAL2323MB) which was the only thing I

found on the Net. (If it's too good to be true. . .)

Since HDTV isn't in my immediate future, I didn't think

the 1080i barrier was too much of a problem. I then found

this forum and it started me thinking a bit more. I recently ordered (backordered) a Skyworth 1050P progressive scan DVD player only to later learn that aspect control on the TVdoes not operate on the VGA/RGB input (which is the only means of connecting a progressive signal) and I gather to watch 16:9 DVDs I will still need to connect to the 480i input in order use the internal aspect control since I've read Skyworth has no aspect control and has "very poor" 4:3 down conversion.

Now I am assuming that if I use the 480i output from the

Skyworth that I not get the benefits of the Sage's 3:2 pull

down and since the 1st gen. Loewe doesn't have it I even more bummed out. (Someone tell me if I'm wrong about the 480i output!!)

This has led me to drone on, so I apoligize. While the Calida is no doubt a great set, its technology is 3 yrs old and everyone else has mostly caught up. For the same $ I could have a Pana 32HX41 which has internal 3:2 pull down (no RGB input though) and it is less than 32" wide(I'd have to lose the doors on the entertainment center--acceptable) or a Hitachi 32UDX10S which

is 31.5" wide center) I really like the progressive picture so I'm definitely want a DTV. Can someone confirm that the Pana can "squeeze" 16:9 pictures from the progressive input correctly?

Is it a no- brainer to return the Loewe in favor of a current model that has 3:2 pull down and 1080i? (I'm at the end of the 30 day $ back satisfaction guarantee period) Physical size-wise the Calida is as good as it can get. Is a 3yr old top-of-the-line Cadilac comparable to a brand new car? I've been agonizing over the decision and have been drowning in the wealth of info in this forum

and others. Thanks for your comments and patience!

Sorry for the life story!


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This is a no-brainer! Dump the Loewe! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

There are many folks who are thrilled with their Loewes - I am not one of them: Loewe: Warning

The older Loewe sets are good for clean 480i input - period. Back 3 yrs ago, they had the reputation for one of the best pictures for 480i source - and you paid dearly for it. Now the competition provides much greater value.

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