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Hello from North London united kingdom.

I've been reading the forums for a while and spent ages researching projectors - I have finally pulled the trigger on a refurbished 8500 UB projector. Totally blown away by the big screen experience. Its been a white knuckle ride getting this machine as I had to import it into the UK from the US, and had to survive customs and potential breakage in transit, not to mention that its a DELL refurb, so who knows what was wrong with it the first time. But it arrived in one piece, even though the box looked like had been beaten about a bit. Pretty chuffed as I got for just under £1,000 all in too.

Pictures attached
Sorry they are taken with my crappy iphone, but they show the PJ on its test run with my AC RYAN playon HD media box projecting onto my bedroom wall. Plan to move it into the lounge.

Now, hopefully mississipiman and you educated folk can help me.

1. I am projecting onto a blank wall here, which is fine for now, but sometimes the contrast leaves a lot to be desired, and I can sometimes see imperfections in the wall. I'd rather not buy a proper screen (wife issues). The lounge has loads of windows, which probably isnt great for daytime viewing, but i plan on getting some blackout blinds. Is there any benefit to making a black border around the screen (my wall)? I would appreciate any recommendations about wall paints for the PJ and any further room treatments I can make to get the best out of this machine.

The throw distance will be about 4.8 metres from lens to screen, and I plan to sit about 3.5 metres from the screen. The screenshots attached are based on the PJ at about 3.5 metres from the wall, with about 70% zoom. There are three light coloured walls (a sandstone color paint), with windows along two of these. I intend to project onto the windowless wall, across the length of the room. The other long wall is painted a dark brown (feature wall they call it).

2. I think i have set up the PJ wrong - there is this trapezoidal effect to the right hand side of the picture. Any ideas?

3. The projector is sitting ontop of a low chest of drawers, as I havent got a mount for it. Would a (strong) shelf do the trick? My ceiling is plaster so i cant ceiling mount.

Appreciate your help guys - you've been an inspiration to me for all those days when I hoped and wished. Living the dream now..

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