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Newbie question about clarity in DLP, CRT

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I am going to buy my first HDTV this week or next. I was in CC this past weekend looking at my options. I have narrowed my selection down to CRT or DLP. The CC had the Packers game on the TV's in HD. The CRT's were close to the DLP's so it was easy to compare. On this Fox HD broadcast, they were displaying at the top of the screen, the score, time left and the down and yardage (basically numbers) The DLP TV's were displaying these numbers perfectly, very clear and sharp. The CRT's on the other hand displayed these numbers obviously much more blurry and not nearly as sharp as the DLP. I asked the CC worker if they calibrated the CRT's at all when they put them on the floor and he said no, they are out-of-the-box. He did run the magic focus convergence on the Hitachi, but is still looked blurry. MY question is "Do CRT's all look like that when displaying numbers, or can they be calibrated to look identical(similiar) to the DLP, or is this just a shortcoming in the CRT technology?

I like the CRT and have read about their potential after a good setup, but dont have experience in viewing a well claibrated set and am not sure of the true potential. Also I know that FOX HD is 720P and DLP can display that, where as the CRT's convert to 1080i, so could that also be the reason?
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Alot of times you really need to do a manual convergence adjustment. It does a much better job than the magic focus. That beeing said, some CRT's are not as sharp as DLP.
that si what i figured, but anyone out there who has a CRT, do text or sports scores seem clear and sharp to you, or is it a little blurry?

I have an older analog Hitachi rptv that has been recently calibrated by Eliab of Avical for the second time. The text is actually pretty sharp, but you need to allow for the fact that the far corners of the any crt based rptv screen will never be as sharp as the center. The focus and convergence settings are the key, and Eliab did a great job of getting it just right. Now, all I have to do is take the hd plunge...Just waiting for someone to build the perfect dlp rptv...

dont forget, the tvs are probably in torch mode, which makes them bloom a bit. at least the crt types. that will make them fuzzy. if you see one in a normal home enviroment, properly set up, the crts are great! i have had my 53" panny rpcrt for a year, and still have not bothered to do a focus or service menu convergence. it looks wonderful!

To me most of the dlp and lcd sets look artificially sharpenned and lack the smooth appearance of a well set up crt set.

One thing I've noted is that text like you describe actually looks more blurry on a crt set with the sharpness control set too high. After running AVIA on my crt based rptv I noticed that text and Directv menus actually look noticeably cleaner and less blurry than with sharpness up too high.

My dad has an inexpensive JVC analog 32" set and complained about blurry DirecTV menus when he first got his satellite. I turned down his sharpness and it's much cleaner and easier to read now.
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