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Newbie Question: Fujitsu P50XHA30WS UK vs US?

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I'm seriously considering (i.e. probably ordering in next few days) the new 50 inch Fujitsu plasma. But I've heard a few things in the UK forums that suggest that the plasma available in the UK differs from the excellent model available in the US. Can anyone confirm this? Specifically there seems to be an issue with the DVI output.

To be honest it looks so good I'm probably going to buy it anyway :)
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A sales rep told me the 30 series (for germany) wont support DVI anymore as there are issues with compatibility. I really can't believe this because the 30-series US version still apparently supports DVI. So I consider this a rumour... If you are really interested in the DVI you should double check this with your dealer. Otherwise go for the "old" 10-series, it supports DVI and is a terriffic panel (have one) and they should be on sale now.
DVI incompatibility is just window dressing for a marketing choice - why does the maker of the best panels obey the least consumer friendly marketing nerds?

Europeans use SCART connectors for much of their equipment such as sat and cable boxes. These connectors take up a lot of room, and they just saved money and space by deleting the DVI inputs from the input/output array. It would be really worthwhile knowing if the UK model's board can be swapped for the US model. Trainer Dave, we're all awaiting your verdict.
Wow, I'm glad I double checked. The DVI output is in fact disabled on the new 30 series in the UK! What a disaster. The DVI output was the reason I'd waited for the Fujitsu rather than buying the Panasonic. Apparently a new version is slated for the end of the 2nd quarter and will come complete with HDMI connectivity but for the moment I'd be stuck with component input. Not at all happy about this, don't understand why they should remove the DVI if it appears to be working fine in the U.S..

Now I'm faced with potentially having to rethink and going back to the Panasonic unit... So close, yet so far!
Can the current units without DVI be "retrofitted" for HDMI input when the day comes? It is essential information if Fujitsu doesn't want to lose quite a few customers.

Here's a link to the UK forum in which the issue has been revealed:
Click here & Scroll down to 12th post


Buyer beware - import them graymarket from the US - snatch up leftover 10 series panels - BUY OTHER BRANDS (or they'll never learn)
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