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Hi all,


Brand new to this world.  About to replace my old CRT which just died and about to get an LED.  Enjoying the visuals hugely at the stores- but heard a friend's Samsung 40F6300 and couldn't believe how horrible it sounded- thin, tinny, phase-y.    After a seconds thought, I realized there is no real estate for the speakers, and they are not facing you, and the manufacturers either don't care, or probably want to sell soundbars and home theater systems.


But my bigger surprise came when I double-checked something I noticed on reviews of tvs.  If you connect an external speaker or soundbar it seems that you cannot control the volume using the tv remote.  At least that is what Samsung and LG live chat reps told me about their tvs.


While I realize that in the scheme of the world's problems, needing two remotes to change channels and volume is no problem at all.. but since they are all advertising all these features to make life easier and how you can control everything... this is a very unpleasant surprise to me.


Is there a way, or a brand of LED tv that will let you change external volume (to a powered speaker like a Jambox using headphone out, or a soundbar using digital out) with the tv remote.


It seems to me poor engineering at the least that the two most basic functions- changing volume and channels- require two remotes.


Any help or information is hugely appreciated, especially as I was about to buy either a Samsung 55H6350 or an LG 55LN5700 today (and if you have any thoughts on that or other tv's I would also appreciate your insight.)


Thanks so much!


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