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I have a Mitsubishi Progressive Scan DVD player and a 55 inch Mitsubishi HDTV. My DVD player is connected with component video and the switch on the back of the DVD player is set to 480p. When I watch movies my TV says that it is outputting 480p. Now to my question...

Some of the movies that I watch, mostly movies that were made in the eighties or early nineties appear to be very grainy...while the newer movies look great. Is there a way to improve the picture quality on these older movies (I don't remember poor picture quality on my old NON-proscan DVD player and 32inch TV)? I have tried to switch my DVD to interlaced (480i) but it only made it worse.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Some movies are going to appear more or less grainy depending on the condition of the original film stock used for transfer, and the amount of care and time put into the transfer.

With that said, adjustment of the sharpness control on your tv often times will help.............lower amount of sharpness=smoother PQ.

I have noticed the same sort of issue since I got a widescreen HD set. I think that everything looked "good" before because your display didn't have the power to show off the quality or lack of quality of the video source. Now you are likely seeing much better quality on good DVD transfers and so-so quality on bad transfers.

This is a dilemma of the new digital TV age: Quality of the source has become apparent. Some feel that the new sets should do something to make poor quality look better (which would essentially be fuzzing out the image until you can't see the flaws anymore). The problem here is in automatically detecting such quality problems while not "fuzzing out" a good picture.

A better player with better scaler may help in this regard. I am not familiar with the Mits player you mention. The Pannys have a good reputation, especially those from last year that still included top-end electronics.
Just to expand on what dirk1843 said, have you re-calibrated your new TV and DVD player lately with something like AVIA ? I don't have a Mits but on a Sony xbr things like turning off the Scan Velocity Modulation or the line-doubler (Sony calls it DRC) can help improve the appearance of grainy images. It is really helpful when watching NTSC images. You have markedly increased the image size by going from 32 to 55" so you will see more artifact but DVD transfers are NOT created equal and some don't look as good as others no matter what you do. Good luck. :)

Absoloutly. The bigger screen shows many more of the flaws inherent in older source material. The Bond movies - for example - suffer from this.
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