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I have heard about HD antennas, and receiving HD siganals. Do I need specific hardware for these signals or do I need a converter box for my old tvs?

I have looked at websites for HD antennas, but I do not understand if I need HD tvs to make them function properly. Can someone point me to a basic guide for this info?

We do not have cable tv, and most of our stations come in pretty good. All of our tvs are older- non HD. I am considering signing up for cable, or buying converter boxes.

I have non hd tvs, other than a projection tv, 1080p hd, that is hooked up to DVD player and a non hd VCR that provides the tuner.

If I buy and hook up an antenna, can I get HD or widescreen signals on my projection tv?

And will a HD antenna give me HD tv signals on our non hd tvs(analog?). Will I be able to notice a difference on a non hd tv?
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