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Newbie questions

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I did a glance through this section and didn't see clear answers to the following questions. I have a HS10 and want to play computer games, try HDTV for the first time, have some PVR capabilities, and want to be able to control the whole thing from a remote control.

I'm thinking about the following and would like some feed back.

AMD 2200 XP processor


Radeon 7500 video card

Audigy 2 sound card

My questions are, is the AMD processor a good choice or does Intel offer some advantage?

Is the MyHD card a good choice? Which version should I shoot for?

I'll be running off an antena.

Do I need a better video card? Which one? Wouldan ATI all in wonder card be a better option for what I want to do?

Is there a better or cheaper/more bang for the buck sound card I should get? I would preferably like to run coax audio for DD and DTS and I'm not sure this card does that. Is there something else I should be looking at?

Thanks for any feedback.
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Okay scratch the Audigy 2 card. I think the Guillemot Hercules Gaming Theater XP 7.1 would make more sense but what do you think?
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