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Got a Mitsubishi WD-Y57 for free of my local craigslist. Owner said he turned it on to get a bad, rotten egg smell.

So I got it home and removed to back panel and turned it on to try and see what was smoking, I could smell it but see no smoke. So next I took everything apart to look for bursted capacitors. The only ones that seemed out of order were the 4 large ones one a board that the power cord ran to (assuming this is the power board) instead of being flat on the top they were ever so slightly starting to bulge on top. So I plan on starting with replacing those so my FIRST QUESTION is what "model" caps are these. They are a tad smaller than a C battery and say 105 C on them.

My next question comes from after putting everything back together to give the "looking for smoke" an other try. Only this time when I turned it on, the lamp fans would spool up for about ten seconds and then just turn off, then whole tv just seemed to stop trying to boot up, turning its self off. I did ran the codes off the timer light and only got code 12, which doesnt help. This time also the set would not stay on long enough to make any caps hot enough to smoke or smell.

So what happened to change the way it runs, even though it was broke to begin with, something has changed, could the caps have completely crapped out causing the tv to run differently after reassembly?

Sorry if there is any confusion, I am very new to this, but it was free so I thought I would give it a go on fixing it.

Here is a picture of the caps on what I assume is the power board.

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