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Newbie that needs some expert opinions

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I am looking to buy a receiver and I was thinking of the onkyo 606 or the Yamaha V663. I have decent speakers that are polk. I want a receiver that I can run the following to.


Xbox360 HDMI

DVD player Component

Cable box component

PS2 and Wii through regular audio video

I will be hooking the receiver into a 65 inch sony through HDMI to DVI connection so, I know that I will have to run sound from the receiver to the TV also.

It seems like everytime I set my mind on a receiver, I read that this one doesn't carry audio through this and this one doesn't do that.

Well either of these two run all my devices without any audio or video issues. I really cannot spend any more on a receiver so I know there are better but this price range is where I need to stay.

Thanks in advance.

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or is there anything better among that price range. I am leaning toward the 663.
The 663 seems to be liked by all those who have one. The main arguments you will see made against it are that it only has 2 hdmi inputs and that it does not pass btb/wtw. You should do some research to see if these are important to you. People like onkyos, but the reports of poor qc and customer service are worth considering. Also, the onkyos get really hot.

btw, why not use component for the wii and ps2 and play dvds on either the ps3/ps2/360? then you can get at least ed for all your sources. (2 hdmi and 3 component inputs on the 663 at least)

good luck
Thanks for the reply. what is btb/wtw?
blacker than black / whiter than white. There is a lot on this in the 663 thread. The discussion will do a lot better job describing it and its potential inpact on your viewing experience than I could.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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