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Newbie to acoustically transparent screens - help wanted

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I'm in the early consideration stage of a front projector, possibly the Sony Ruby PJ, with a motorized screen, but it would probably need to be the acoustically transparent type.

Does a perforated screen effect picture quality? Are the holes visible? Will the screen dull the highs, requiring an adjustment to the freq EQ of the speakers? I have high-end Magnepan speakers, and my dealer seems to think it will effect the sound.

Advice and opinions on screens to consider and what to stay away from would be a help.

I also posted this in the projector category.


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There are a bunch of options here, but only one "right" one...and it's expensive: Screen Research ClearPix2. Depending upon what size and options, you'll think you were buying another Ruby. :)


This is coming from a former Stewart MicroPerf customer (the "2nd best" solution, and not cheap either). Screen Research is handled by http://www.stjohngroup.com/ in the US.
I have the screen research screen (110" diag) you mentioned and it is an awesome screen. The only potential downfall I see using it with the ruby is the lack of gain. The SR screen is a neutral gain (0.95) screen and I understand the ruby may need a higher gain screen like those made by stewart. I was wondering this myself in case I upgraded to a ruby. I currently use a JVC HX-1 and the brightness is fine with this projector.
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