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OK guys I need some help here on some satellite speakers and a center channel speaker on kind of a low budget. I just bought a new Panasonic Plasma 50in G-10 and a Pioneer Elite VSX- 01 so I am kind of tapped right now. I have 3 sets of front channel speakers I can use so I will not need them and also I have a Polk subwoofer. I have 2 sets of 8 ohm speakers and one set of 6 ohm speakers I can use, so the speakers can either be 6 or 8 ohm. I am going to corner mount 2 of them for my rear speaker channels in a 7.1 set up and they cant be over 11 inches long as I have a weird shaped room where a door would hit them. Can you guys suggest a center and 4 satellites that are rather inexpensive, sound decent, handle 110 wpc and fit the measurements. I currently have an ancient set of Technics satellites and center that are basically garbage but work. Is there a good bang for the buck speaker out there? I appreciate any help and much is appreciated. Thanks
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