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Hey there,

I ordered some Polk 70s from Newegg and I'm about to send them back as money is tight and I've been given a free pair of old Boston Accoustic VR30s (with 2xVR20, VR10 center and a V75MKII Sub). I was just wondering if I was sending back a much better speaker in the 70. I know it has the 2x6.5" subs that the VR30s don't have, but I was wondering if the V75MKII sub is good and would cover for that?

I'll probably keep the the Boston Accoustics as they're free and that means a lot, but the 70s are sitting in the den ready to be picked up tomorrow and they look huge... I like that! I couldn't find much on the web about them as they're older, so any info or review would be great too.

Oh, I'm planning to hook this up to an Onkyo 707. I figure I could invest in new speakers a year or two from now when the money situation picks up, but I heard good things about the 707 and thought it would be a good place to start.

Ok, any and all comments are very welcome for this newbie trying to get his first home stereo set up. Thanks.

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