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Newbie "Up-Conversion" question

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I will be purchasing a new A/V receiver to use with a HDTV. I am planning to connect the HDTV to the receiver via a Component cable. I'm sure watching sources with Component outputs (DVD, HD Cable) will be no issue however I'm confused about a VCR w/ composite or a TiVo DVR with S-Video.

Is "up-conversion" required to view the non-Component source on the HDTV through the receiver via Component?

If a receiver states "Composite -> S-Video" up-conversion but not "Composite -> S-Video -> Component, would I have to have a second (S-Video) connection to the HDTV from the receiver to view the non-Component source?

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You hit the nail on the head Walt.

BTW welcome to the forums.

Many mid-line recievers now have upconversion to componet. This used to be a high-end only feature.

I have a Denon which does this, and it greatly simplifies the operation of your system.
Even if the A/V receiver has composite to S-video conversion and/or S-video to component video conversion, the picture quality from your TIVO or VCR playing broadcasts might be better if you let the TV do these tasks. In turn you may need a composite cable and S-video cable(s) from receiver to TV. Try it both ways and compare.

Video hints:
Most quality receivers will not degrade the quality of the signal any appreciable amount.
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