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A couple of data points:

I just moved into a house which was completely rehabbed. I have a space under the stairs where Fios put it's box and a number of conduits (specifically put in for future wiring) and cat5 as well as coax wires converge.

I have an audio collection in ITunes of 50k+ songs, 1000+ movies and I also have, on the same computer, about 500 or so DVDs which I ripped, each in their own directory.

There are 3 rooms where we can watch video (all HDMI, 1 PJ, 2 flat screens) and 2 areas for audio.

So far I have taken care of the audio by taken the headphone output of my PC, run it to an amp for area 1 and also have the area1 amp put out a signal which to area2. I can control ITunes from an Ipad so that works, although any suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.

my problem is on the video side. I have a mix of MP4 (ITunes) and VOB files which I would like to be able to control remotely but have not been able to do so. So far I have been putting files on my laptop and then use the HDMI output to play on whatever device we're using.

Ideally i'd like a similar setup where from a device like an ipod (although I am more than happy to use a different control) can access the video collection and display it in any room. It will be rare that the video collection will be accessed from two different rooms at a time (to watch different files). I have played around with XMBC but that does not seem to solve my issue of using different input sources and directing the output .

Any input is much appreciated.


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