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I have a Yamaha 5650 and have used it now for about 3 years......I am wondering if I am getting the full capabilities out of this receiver using it the way I am.

I have an LG Blue Ray that I just Purchased and a basic Klipsch 5 channel speaker package (2 fronts (small) 2 Rears (small) and a sub. They are all silver speakers not sure of the model.

I am not looking to upgrade at this point , I just want to make sure my settings are the best they can be. I am using my blue ray with HDMI video but optical digital audio because the 5650 has no HDMI in port. Sound is set to PCM...is this correct? Auto detect on the 5650 is setup so when I put in a dvd it shows all 5 speakers representing the surround but the sound seems dull. (not like full surround.....the rear speakers seem to only project minimal sound and yes they are very close to the couch I sit on when viewing) I do not feel like I have the correct settings selected in either the blue ray or the receiver ....can anybody shed some light on some tips I may use?
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