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Hi all.
Recently in the market for a new home theater receiver, I wanted something a bit "more" than the Sony STR-DA555ES I had.... which I loved.

I looked around at all the newer pioneer Elites, and decided I wanted to try for one of the 140w ones.

I ended up snatching up a Pioneer VSX-74TXVI for $225 shipped off of ebay, but in my search, I noticed a lot of these Elites I see for sale are not working and for repair, or have some stupid little issue with them?
I figured I wasn't exactly breaking the bank at the price, and it was worth taking a chance on - it reviewed fairly positively.

I was just wondering if many had a lot of issues with these amps... particularly the SC ones I see broken, a lot.
Are the ones that don't have issues just hung on to that much tighter? It seems like a high percentage of ones for sale have issues, especially and even up to, the SC-09.... at the price, I would think it would be built to last?
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