I don't normally report rumors, but this one is too good not to. According to a recent story on the Bloomberg Technology site , Apple is planning to announce a new Apple TV set-top box that can stream 4K and HDR. The announcement will supposedly be made at an event in September that will also include the unveiling of new iPhone and Apple Watch models.

It's about time! The Apple TV is among the last stand-alone streamers that don't support 4K resolution, and it's late to the HDR party. Apparently, Apple has finally decided to remedy that situation with the first major update to its streamer since 2015, when it added a new remote, an app store, and the Siri voice-command system.

Of course, the new Apple TV will need access to 4K/HDR content. The company is said to be negotiating with movie studios to supply 4K/HDR versions of their content via iTunes. (Apple already offers two shows, Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke, on its Apple Music streaming service.) Another source of this content could be apps that are already on the Apple TV and support 4K/HDR on other platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. (Apple TV will support Amazon later this year.)

In addition, Apple is making lots of noise about producing original content. In June, the company hired Jamie Erlich and Zack Van Amburg, former high-level executives at Sony Pictures Television, to head Apple's programming efforts. In fact, Apple is planning to invest $1 billion on original programming over the next 12 months. That sounds like a lot—and it is—but not as much as Netflix and Amazon intend to spend on original content in the next year: $6 billion and $4.5 billion, respectively.

Also in the offing is an update to the Apple TV app, which was launched last year to aggregate programming from apps that already offer live streaming. And as Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company's developer conference in June, "You'll be hearing a lot more about tvOS [the operating system on which Apple TV is based] later this year."

As reported at Digital Trends , that statement seems to be borne out by game developers from Firi Games. They noticed that someone was playing some of their games on a device identified as AppleTV6,2 running tvOS 11.0 from an IP address in Cupertino, CA, where Apple headquarters are located. The current fourth-generation Apple TV is identified as AppleTV5,3 running tvOS 10.2.

Yet another hint about Apple's plan was posted at MacRumors . UK resident Thomas Jackson noticed that his iTunes purchase history included the movie Passengers, which was listed as 4K/HDR. However, he reported that iTunes only let him download the movie in HD quality. Another reader reported that the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is identified as 4K/HDR in the purchase history, but it was available to download only in 720p.

Finally, I came across a story at Forbes that seems to confirm that the new Apple TV will support not only the HDR10 format, but Dolby Vision and HLG as well. On August 6, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo tweeted that he'd found lines of code in the iOS used in the Homepod that clearly indicate support for 4K and HDR in all three formats. Also, as reported in another Forbes story , Apple is apparently adopting the HEVC video codec in tvOS 11, which is crucial for streaming 4K content.

Is this great news for Apple fans, or is it a case of too little too late? As my wife's grandmother used to say, "Live a little longer and you'll find out." Fortunately, we don't have long to wait.