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NPD has now released the latest six month sales revenue figures for retail dollar sales in the consumer product hardware and software categories it tracks.

Twice has reported them in their July 6th 2009 Issue

Its November 2008-April 2009 data on a SKU by SKU basis.

Included in those are category are Blu-ray players, DVD players and portable DVD players.

This is the first time Next Generation DVD Player / Recorder category has outsold Home DVD players in retail dollar sales during any reported period by NPD AFAIK.

Blu-ray to DVD

$376 M to $315 M

54.4 % to 45.6 %

Its not units, but it is progress for Blu-ray in this retail category.

The top 10 brands also have 95.1% of Blu-ray hardware sales and that would be considered extremely brand dominated and Sony Samsung and Panasonic are the top 3 brands for Blu-ray sales.

Remember this is dollar sales per brand and is November 2008 through April 2009 so its before the latest 2009 era players have hit the shelves and before the last three months worth of Blu-ray hardware sales and retail price drops.

Blu-ray 54.4%   376.50
DVD     45.6%   315.59
        total   692.09
Blu-ray 27.2 %  376.50
DVD     22.8 %  315.59
Mobile  12.5 %  173.46
        total   1384.18

Next Gen DVD Player/Recorder   Total    $376,499,200 (Blu-ray)
Home DVD Player/Recorder       Total    $315,589,900 (DVD)

Portable DVD                   Total    [B]$173[/B],456,900 (Mobile and Auto DVD)


Market Share Reports By Category

By TWICE Staff -- TWICE, July 6, 2009

Market Share Reports By Category

The NPD Group, based in Port Washington, N.Y., has provided TWICE with consumer electronics retail dollar share rankings, by category, for the six-month period of November 2008 through April 2009. The rankings are based on data collected by NPD from select retailers and are based on actual dollar sales on a SKU-by-SKU basis. This midyear report supplements the data for January through October 2008 that appeared in the Jan. 8, 2009, Special CES Edition of TWICE, p. 22.

Rank November Through April 2009

Source: NPD Group

Note: Mobile categories cover after-market only
[B]Next Gen DVD Player/Recorder Total   $376,499,200[/B]
1       Sony
2       Samsung
3       Panasonic
4       LG
5       Sharp
6       Sylvania
7       Pioneer
8       Philips
9       Denon
10      Memorex
[B]Top 10 Brands        95.1%[/B]

[B]Home DVD Player/Recorder Total       $315,589,900[/B]
1       Sony
2       Toshiba
3       Samsung
4       Memorex
5       Panasonic
6       Philips
7       Magnavox
8       LG
9       GPX
10      RCA
[B]Top 10 Brands        89.9%[/B]

[B]Portable DVD Total   $173,456,900[/B] 
1       Sony
2       RCA
3       Audiovox
4       Philips
5       GPX
6       Panasonic
7       Toshiba
8       Coby
9       Polaroid
10      Venturer
[B]Top 10 Brands        59.6%[/B]
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