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Next Gen. Remote Control Extender & Dish UHF

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I'm about to order a Next Generation Remote Control Extender to use with my Elite VSX-23's remote. I also have two Dish Network dual tuner boxes that use UHF remotes. I know the Next Gen. won't control the Dish boxes with UHF, but will it interfere with them? I don't know what frequency the Dish remotes use.

I see the Next Gen is available in two frequencies - 433 MHz and 418 MHz; which should I choose? Thanks!
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Well, I'm just going to order the one from Amazon and keep my fingers crossed!
The two different Mhz have nothing to do with your equipment. The only point of the two is for example you want one setup upstairs and one downstairs. Buying one of each Mhz so they wont interfere with each other.

These are very cool little gadgets.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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