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Next step for Audio in HT

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I'm looking to replace my Yamaha HTR-5240 with something newer. I do have a budget and some things I'd like to have on the new receiver. I have no idea where to start as some MFR websites are hard to use and get information from. The reason for the upgrade is the step into the HDTV arena, along with newer componenets (Xbox 360, Oppo DVD Player).

So.. the requirements:

+ Stay below $600 USD

+ Support Component switching - a must, at least 2 inputs, more the merrier

+ Support for DVI/HDMI Switching - optional, but I'd love to have it, as I'll have more than one device that uses it.

+ Support for Audio delay, just in case.

+ Support 5.1 surround sound

It will be driving:

JBL N38II all the way around, large front mains, bookshelf surrounds, and center.

Upgrading the speakers is out right now, but will be optional in the future (1yr+)

I don't need 7.1, no desire. I like the sound of my Yamaha, but am open to other brands. I like the sound of HK, Denon, and Onkyo. I've bee turned off by Sony in the past, and heard Pioneer is good, but have no experience with them. So, I have no qualms with hearing opinions.

I've read some other threads (HK AVR 635 vs Pioneer 1015) and a couple others recently. I'd love to stay away from the $600 ceiling, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

Any thoughts?
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Well...i just recently purchased a Pioneer 1015TX.....should be comming any day now. I researched for a week or two and i think i made the best decision.
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