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I currently have a Squeezebox Duet. My music is stored in flac format on a ReadyNAS NV+. I'm starting to collect some high resolution audio files, which the Duet can't play. I would like suggestions for something that could deliver high res audio to my current system. Preferably up to 192KHz and 24 bit resolution. I want something that has a reasonably good graphical remote control (PDA or iPod apps are possibilities). I like the Duet and Sonos Controllers graphical touch screens for remote controls.

If I'm upgrading it would be nice if the same component could deliver high res video files as well, but that isn't a hard requirement.

My pre-amp/processor is a Lexicon HD12, so it has pretty good DACs built-in. I use the digital out from my Duet Receiver to get good quality audio. The replacement for my Duet doesn't need to have a great DAC, as long as it can output high res digital audio to my Lexicon. Any replacement for the Lexicon will also have good DACs.

One option I'm looking at is a Linn Akurate DS, which is on the extremely expensive side of things
. It has its own very good DAC so I would be sending analog audio to my Lexicon, which the Lexicon can handle well. But, it seems a waste to spend a huge amount of money on something like the DS when I already have good DACs. Plus the Lexicon does good room correction on digital audio.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something that would be suitable? Most things I've looked at can't handle high res audio or don't provide enough information to be able to tell if they do or don't. Unfortunately there aren't many good audio retailers left in Brisbane to ask locally.

Thanks in advance,

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