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Next upgrade for college budget HT

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Hi all, I've been floating around reading alot over the past month as I have started overhauling my HT I started to build in high school. I'm working with a college budget so it has been tough, but I'm wondering what next to upgrade. My options are really either fronts or center, or both if there are cheap enough speakers better than what I have. Here's current setup:

Samsung 56A650 56" DLP

Yamaha V661


Front: Yamaha 6390

Center: Cerwin Vega LS-5C

Rear side and back: Sony B1000

I know the rears are crappy, but they sound fine to me as rears. I was thinking about dropping $200 on a new set of fronts, or should I do the center? And what suggestions do you have, I'd like some floorstanding speakers.
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I really shouldn't post when I'm tired as I leave out details. I'm using it pretty much 100% for movies, and usually BD now. It'll be in a small room, can't remember dimensions off the top of my head. And I have a 12" Element sub (120Wrms) which actually sounds pretty good for being $150. I want the most natural sound possible.
You can look into the BIC HT 75's they might be a little more then your looking to spend ($279) but always an option. You can always check out Circuitcity, Best Buy or Fry's electronics and test out some speakers. You might find a decent set of floor standing speakers on clearance.
The BICs are a good choice for the money. If you have to absolutely stick to your budget, try these:


or these

http://shop2.frys.com/product/4005092 - you can actually get three of these at your budget and use one for the center if you have room. (hint: be sure to check shipping cost of ordering each one individually rather than all at the same time.)

Choosing center or fronts to upgrade first with an all movie set-up is a tough call. Ideally you want identical speakers for LCR. That is often not possible, and in that case you should choose speakers from the same series.
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